Uganda NGO: S5914/11444 Reg 11031 - England and Wales: Charity 1164706

Kyaninga Dairy

The demand for KCDC services has been overwhelming and we are currently expanding in order to be able to provide care to more children, but as we expand our operating costs expand too.


In order to meet these rising costs we are looking to become more self sustainable by adopting various income-generating initiatives.


Our first venture is Kyaninga Dairy, a project to produce and sell delicious fresh goat’s cheese, made at our purpose-built production unit using raw milk from Kyaninga’s own herd of goats.


With the help of experts from Neal’s Yard Creamery in the UK, who very kindly came out to Fort Portal to guide and assist us to set up the facility and get production under way, we have now produced our first batch of cheese.


The viability of Kyaninga Dairy and its ability to generate profits depends on the quantity of goats' cheese it can produce, and this in turn depends on the number of goats available to produce milk for the dairy.


At the end of 2016 we ran our Kids 4 Kids fundraising campaign with the objective of raising funds to buy additional goats to add to our herd, and with the help of generous donations from around the world we were able to fund the purchase of over 40 goats.


As we ramp up production over the coming months, our goat’s milk cheeses will be made available at selected outlets, restaurants and lodges around the country, and we are confident that the establishment of Kyaninga Dairy is a significant step towards ensuring the future sustainability of the Kyaninga Child Development Centre and the provision of much needed therapy services to children living with disabilities in the area.