Equality for children with disabilities Creating equal opportunities for children with disabilities.

Organisation Objectives

Provision of specialist therapy services, including physio, occupational, speech and orthopaedic therapy and special education.

Promote awareness and education of disability amongst community members.

Give technical training to caregivers.

Integrate suitable social enterprises into the fabric of KCDC to economically empower participating families.

‘Thank you for giving my child hope’ – Mama Florence

‘Thank you for giving me my child back’ – Mama Peter

Our Causes

Building an inclusive community

Help us to achieve our vision of a world where children with disabilities and their families can live without stigma and discrimination.
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Our Story
Who are we?

Kyaninga Child Development Centre was founded by Steve and Asha Williams in response to their own personal search for help and support for their son Sidney. Together with physiotherapist Fiona Beckerlegge, they created a center to provide much needed high quality specialised and affordable assessment, treatment, education and support to children with disabilities, their families and carers, to enable them to lead more fulfilling and independent lives.

Our Story

Why Choose Us?

‘Unlike other NGOs, KCDC is known for their impact by all at the grassroots level despite not looking big and having fancy buildings and cars.’ – Charles Remo Joseph, Speech Therapist

Success Stories

Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire

As the Kyaninga community, we are brimming with excitement as our Founder, Steven Leonard Williams, has been appointed, by King Charles III, the Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) for his exceptional dedication to serving Children with Disabilities and local communities in Western Uganda. Steve is a husband and father of three,...
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Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Fellowship 2023 Award

We couldn’t be more proud! Our CEO, Fiona Beckerlegge, has been honoured with a Fellowship by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, recognising her exceptional dedication to international development and the advancement of pediatric disability services. For two decades, Fiona has worked in international healthcare settings, working with vulnerable children and communities growing community-based inclusion and...
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Nobel Prize Teacher Summit 2023

Nobel Prize Teacher Summit 2023Theme: Teaching knowledge, learning engagement. We are proud to announce that Mary Freda Aduno, our esteemed Special Needs Teacher, was among 25 teachers from 8 different countries to be awarded a scholarship to attend an enriching four-day program. The Summit, held on Thursday, September 28th, provided a platform for educators and...
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African Disability Collaboration

Words and a shared vision that emerged during our time at Opportunity Collaboration (OC) 2022 led to the inception of the African Disability Collaboration (ADC). This aspiration took a significant stride forward as all ADC partners met at Kyaninga Child Development Centre (KCDC) in Fort Portal, Uganda, in March 2023. This momentous event served as...
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Young African Leadership Initiative(YALI)-Kenya, Eastern Africa

Our Clinical Team Lead, Charles, had the incredible opportunity to participate in the 4-week Civic Leadership Track at the Young African Leadership Initiative(YALI)-Eastern Africa, held at Kenyatta University. Cohort 47, comprising 91 young leaders from 14 East and Central African countries, explored Civic Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Public Management. Proudly representing our organization, Charles was elected...
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Reversing Malnutrition

Derrick, now 2 years and 10 months presenting with cerebral palsy and seizures, was initially seen by the KCDC team in March 2021. He was brought by his grandma who for the last 2 weeks took care of him after he had been abandoned by his mother who had already moved on to another marriage. ...
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Children receiving assessment and treatment


Receiving treatment under 3 years of age


Community & healthcare workers trained


Expert parents trained


Local schools supported


Monthly outreach clinics launched


Pieces of specialist adaptive equipment provided


Businesses opened by Street Business School graduates


Children in schools being supported by our special needs and therapy teams


Teachers and educators trained through the education hub


Children’s educational outcomes improved


Improvement in quality of life reported by caregivers

News & Updates


What people say about us
  • Street Business School has empowered me socially. I now feel confident because I have a business. I feel important in the community just like other women because I have a business that can help me support myself and my family. Community members can recognize us now.

  • The project has brought light. The light it has brought is that no one used to care about children with disabilities, no attention was given, no guidelines existed. The project has changed that; the HCW training, the information posters and having a clear referral system. It has been positive for the district. It has made the HCW work easier and they have gained confidence as they have been empowered by KCDC… The project has also put a smile on the face of the mothers with children with disabilities, I know that for sure. They were hopeless, our health care system didn’t respond to their needs. This project has given them access to appropriate services.

    District Health Officer
  • We had a lot of fear and used to think they were “wasted” children but meeting other mothers has taught us a lot. Fellow mothers give us hope that our children will improve, and this kept us strong.

  • Mothers never knew exercises were magical. It was not easy to convince them to just do exercises but with repetitive explanation, they got convinced and at least each child has achieved a milestone and we have not experienced any child that is still as they came.

    Expert Parent
  • Some people used to tell me that those exercises would never help but we continued doing them and my son now goes to school. I feel happy and relieved because I now have time to do other things. I had given up on work but because he improved, I can now work even other mothers are now able to do the same. They can attend to their children while doing other things.

  • Mothers used to neglect their children and never wanted to communicate. They dint know that even crying was part of communication and they would just beat them but now, that has improved and the children have now bonded with their parents and they have they needs attended to.



The people that help us


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