Community based rehabilitation

‘The availability of accessible and affordable rehabilitation is necessary for many people with health conditions to remain as independent as possible, to participate in education, to be economically productive, and fulfill meaningful life roles.’ (WHO Rehabilitation 2030)
KCDC’s team of therapists, teachers, nutritionists, and social workers have helped rehabilitate over 3,500 children, all with a wide range of physical, intellectual, and communication disabilities, back into their communities and have made attending school a possibility, however, the current challenge is to ensure CWDs are enabled to thrive and learn effectively in Ugandan classrooms.
'In Uganda, an estimated 820,000 children aged 5 - 14 are in need of a wheelchair and across East Africa, this number expands to an estimated 2.2 million children.'
Help us to achieve our vision of a world where children with disabilities and their families can live without stigma and discrimination.