Building an inclusive community

Our new headquarters to accommodate the organization’s expansion, providing purpose-built facilities that will include multiple diverse therapy rooms, a rehabilitation facility, a hostel for patients requiring ongoing intensive therapy and their carers, a conference centre for community awareness, economic empowerment and technical training sessions and our Education Hub and inclusive model school
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Why it is needed

KCDC has steadily grown and matured over the last 7 years into a centre of excellence regionally for community-based disability inclusion and we believe now is the time to start to share our knowledge and best practices countrywide. To date, we have reached over 3,500 children with a wide range of physical, intellectual and communication disabilities and their families and caregivers in the region. This has resulted in increased functional independence, increased enrolment in primary school and 25% increase in quality of life.


To increase our impact, we are constructing a purpose-built centre of excellence that will become a radiating beacon that shows disability does not disqualify anyone from having equitable access to every aspect of life. Our centre will not only enhance our therapeutic effectiveness and ability to care for more children, but also provide practical help and information on human rights; access to inclusive education, adaptive equipment, and specialized therapy intervention but also nurture self-advocacy to create a permanent shift in society about what disability is.


The centre will include 6 multi-disciplinary therapy rooms as well as a hydrotherapy pool, a conference centre for training and workshops, hostel facilities for long-distance families requiring short stay specialist intensive therapy and longer-term rehabilitation services and Kyaninga Education Hub and Inclusive Model School.


The facility will replace the converted family residence which currently houses our programs. The construction of the purpose-built centre will enhance therapeutic effectiveness and our ability to care for more children and will save a considerable amount in rent per year, which will allow us to hire additional qualified therapists who can provide over 1800 therapy sessions a year.

Help us to achieve our vision of a world where children with disabilities and their families can live without stigma and discrimination.






Our Partners

Munich University of Applied Sciences and Bauen für Orangefarm

“Real Studio” is a design and build summer school project by the University of Applied Sciences Munich, which provides its architectural students with the opportunity to move beyond merely designing abstract structures. Instead, students work to design real buildings for non-profits in Africa and, during their long summer vacation, travel to the site to participate as volunteers in the realization of the project.


KCDC was able to persuade the University of Applied Sciences Munich that the new Therapy, Rehabilitation and Education Centre would make an excellent candidate for the “Real Studio” project, meaning no professional fees for the design of the centre will be incurred, and representing a huge saving on costly architectural fees for KCDC. The costs for accommodating, feeding and transporting the students and their tutors for 8 weeks, as well as international flights for the tutors, will be covered by the German non-profit BFOF (Bauen für Orangefarm).



The building design incorporates locally sourced materials and locally available skilled labour, including our beneficiary families. This will also provide training opportunities for young people with disabilities to learn construction skills that can be used for future employment and entrepreneurship.


Starting point

KCDC Founders and Directors, Steve and Fiona along with the Operations Manager, Rehema, visited the site...