Kyaninga CDC Trust

Michael Brady


After 40 plus years leading people in international cashflow management for a global financial organisation, I understand what gets me out of bed in the morning – helping others recognise and realise their potential. Building on this experience and gaining a PGDip in The Psychological Approaches to Coaching I’m now absorbed in creating an environment that allows people to explore change for themselves. I came to Kyaninga through the unending passion of my wife, her network and I’m now fully invested in this truly people centric and impassioned organisation.

Jeanette Brady

Trustee: Safeguarding and Education Focus

My passion for working with children who have Special Needs or trauma in their lives, grew out of my 14-year-old self, babysitting for a family who had two children with Global learning difficulties and Epilepsy. This lead me on a path of Special Needs Academia and 35 years of teaching/training both in Secondary, Primary and Special school environments. The process of seeing children grow and flourish inspires me. Watching new teachers and teaching assistants learn how to meet the needs of different children makes me feel proud. Watching parents take pride in their children recognising that ‘Difference’ is another part of life, makes me happy.

Rana Sayegh

Board of Directors

Rana is a chartered accountant based in Dublin, Ireland. Having spent over a decade in the corporate world and after taking some time out, Rana took the plunge and set up for her own consulting practice, where she specialises in internal audit/process and control reviews. She has been involved with KCDC since 2018 after her first trip to Uganda to help out on the accounting and finance side of things.

Anne Shipsey

Board of Directors

I am a retired paediatric physiotherapist who has been lucky to have volunteered at KCDC numerous times and hope to return soon. I really enjoy working alongside the regular staff contributing and learning as I go. I am also on the British board of directors for KCDC.

Georgina Crowe

Board of Directors