Occupational Therapy

Mumbere Jackson

Occupational Therapist

I am Mumbere Jackson, an occupational therapist who has practiced occupational therapy for three years. I love being with children as well as discovering new things through research.

Elias Turyamuhaki

Occupational Therapist

I have vast experience and skills in rehabilitation of Children with developmental disabilities, enjoys making a contribution to improve their participation and motivated by causing a difference in their lives. He is proud being part of Kyaninga CDC team that works to promote equality to all Children with disabilities and their families.

Rachel lassman

Occupational Therapist

I am a UK-trained Occupational Therapist. I have been living in Uganda since 2012 and have worked with KCDC since it started. My passion is supporting the early identification of disability to ensure early intervention and support for children and their families. I lead the implementation of the Abaana Early Intervention programme at KCDC.

Ariho Patrick

Team Leader

My name is Ariho Patrick, an occupational therapist and I have worked with children with disabilities for five years. I enjoy sharing knowledge and skills with families and communities about disability and am always proud to find parents applying these skills to improve the well-being of their children