Speech and language therapy

Atwongyeire Angella

Speech and Language Therapist

Working with KCDC is such an amazing experience, to be able to bring change in the lives of children with disabilities and hope to their caretakers by helping them through communication and feeding challenges. Being a mother myself and seeing mothers excited from as little as their child has learned to smile inspires me to better myself in finding more ways to help our children realize their full potential.

Mutoni Vedastine Rehema

Speech and Language Therapist Assistant

I’m Mutoni Vedastine Rehema, I work as a nurse, speech and language therapist assistant and the operations manager. I love putting big smiles on children faces and their families especially the one we work with at KCDC. I’m grateful for the support I have got from KCDC which has helped me learn a lot of new skills and knowledge and develop my career since I started working with them in 2016.

Gamukama Murungi

Speech and Language therapist

A trained, qualified and registered Speech and Language therapist. Working with KCDC; first as a volunteer, later employed as first full time SLT stationed in Kasese since Nov – 2018. I am passionate about work, study and research enthusiast.

Charles Remo Joseph

Team Leader

I am Charles, an Uganda-trained speech and language therapist of South Sudanese origin. I graduated with a BSc. SLT from Makerere University – Kampala in 2016. Since then, I have been in active practice helping people (mostly children) with communication and feeding difficulties and communities in a variety of settings. I lead the speech and language therapy department at Kyaninga child development Centre.