Support staff

Mawazo Geofrey

Support Staff

I am the cook and security for KCDC Kasese. God is in control.

Okaya Michael

Support Staff

Birungi John


I am Birungi, John, a born-again Christian. I enjoy cooking, traveling, and meeting new friends. I´ve enjoyed working with KCDC for the past 6 years. Staff members say they enjoy the food I cook for them every day for lunch very much. I gained a lot of experience. I see myself becoming a senior chef or driver in the future.

Masika Merence

Support Staff

I am the housekeeper for KCDC Kasese. I love my job and singing songs of Praise.

Apoto Grace

House Keeper

I am Grace. I moved with my family from Northern Uganda to Fort Portal in 2003 because of the war. I have 6 children. 5 of them are still going to school. I am the housekeeper at KCDC. The work is really important for me and I am thankful to KCDC as the money I earn helps me to support my children.

Mundu David

Support Staff

Oringi Walter


I am Walter, from the northern part of Uganda. I am a driver at KCDC, where I worked for two years now. I love working for KCDC. I love helping children, both with and without disabilities. To conclude, I have three children, one boy and twins who are both boys as well.