Speech and Language Therapy

Speech, language, communication and swallowing

What is Speech and Language Therapy?

Not being able to communicate with one’s family or friends can leave a child feeling isolated, trapped in a world where they are not able to convey their thoughts, feelings or desires. An inability to communicate can often be significantly improved with the right therapeutic treatment approach, and we accomplish this through our speech and language therapy department.

How we help

Our speech and language therapists offer assessment and treatment to children with a wide range of communication difficulties including; language delay or disorder, speech sound delay or disorder, cleft palate, dyspraxia and social communication disorders. They can also work with children who have feeding and swallowing difficulties. Treatment plans may be offered as individual one on one sessions or as group sessions depending on the needs of your child. They can also provide advice to caregivers at home as well as teachers at nursery and schools. Both verbal and non-verbal children are taught how to communicate through whatever means possible, whether it be through the use of communication cards, simple sign language or modified vocalisation.