Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire

As the Kyaninga community, we are brimming with excitement as our Founder, Steven Leonard Williams, has been appointed, by King Charles III, the Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) for his exceptional dedication to serving Children with Disabilities and local communities in Western Uganda.

Steve is a husband and father of three, son of Leonard and Linda Williams. 

His profound connection to Uganda was sparked during a backpacking journey in 2003. Steve’s love for the country’s beauty led to the creation of the awe-inspiring Kyaninga Lodge, an architectural wonder crafted entirely from timber with a breathtaking view of a serene crater lake. Over six years, Steve and a team he trained transformed over 1,000 logs into a magnificent safari lodge.

Notably, Steve’s impact stretches far beyond architectural marvels. In 2013, driven by personal experience after his son Sidney was born with epilepsy and developmental delay, Steve, with his wife Asha and physiotherapist Fiona, founded the Kyaninga Child Development Centre (KCDC). This initiative, born from a pressing need in a region lacking resources, has reached over 6,500 children with disabilities. 

At the helm of KCDC, Steve has run the organisation and spearheaded fundraising efforts, securing over 3 million dollars for the charity. Steve’s journey from being a farmer’s son in Hereford to being a beacon of hope for the underprivileged is not merely a testament to his personal growth but also a narrative of tireless commitment to support those in need.

Beyond this honour lies a legacy woven into empathy and hope in the smiles of children who now have access to education, healthcare, and inclusion. Steve’s story serves as a rallying call for unity and the remarkable change one individual can instigate. In honouring Steve with an MBE, the world acknowledges his tireless efforts and celebrates the ripple effects of his work, touching and inspiring countless lives.

We can’t help but highlight Steve’s extraordinary warmth, kindness, and compassionate spirit, which are just as exceptional as his achievements. His wealth of knowledge and generous spirit make an enduring impression on each person who crosses paths with him.

As Steve looks forward to collecting his award, he fondly remembers his first visit to Buckingham Palace when his late brother Sam Williams had been awarded Entrepreneur of the Year. 

For more insights into Steves’ impactful work and to support the cause, visit the Kyaninga Child Development Centre’s website at and explore the beautiful Kyaninga Lodge at

Congratulations, Steve! We are incredibly fortunate and honoured to have you!

Steve with his wife Asha and their Son Sidney

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