The prestigious World Physiotherapy Conference 2023 in Dubai.

Our Physiotherapy Team Leader, Valerie, recently attended the prestigious World Physiotherapy Conference 2023 in Dubai. Every two years, this remarkable event unites the global physiotherapy community – fostering collaboration, innovation and knowledge exchange.

The conference provided an unparalleled opportunity for Valerie to connect with experts and colleagues from around the world – exchanging ideas, sharing innovations and discussing implications across research, education, management, policy and clinical practice.

From enlightening sessions on paediatrics to captivating discussions on disability and rehabilitation, Valerie immersed herself in a diverse range of different topics. Her experience at the conference has enriched her expertise, and she can’t wait to share her learnings with the rest of the KCDC team!

Valerie’s dedication to professional growth and her commitment to delivering exceptional care to our patients is truly commendable. We are proud to have her as a valuable member of our team, continuously raising the bar for excellence in physiotherapy. 

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