Making progress with physiotherapy

In this quarter I would like to shine a light on a special young lady Zoe, a client that I have been working with for the last 8 months.

She is a 2 year old female with mild spastic cerebral palsy. A brief history about her is that she was born tired (Asphyxiated), had her first cry after a week and was being monitored in NICU for up to 2 months while receiving medical treatment before being discharged.

My first interaction with her was in September last year and she could not sit, crawl, roll or attempt to do any high function activities. Like all children who have CP, she did have difficulties with posture (maintaining good symmetry in the trunk), poor balance when she was made to sit, as well as poor head control (maintaining the head in the midline) and poor hand function.

With physiotherapy, she has made huge strides in learning to use her hands to feed herself, manipulate objects and sit independently.

Around January this year, she started off by carrying out bottom shuffling and a month later, was crawling as well which was fascinating to watch her do the two activities concurrently.

In the gross motor scores, she has transitioned from the little girl that did not know how to sit and maintain static balance to learning how to sit, crawl and do transfers from sitting to standing.

Written by Nsamba Arnold, Physiotherapist.

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